Trump’s ex-advisor Gorka just attacked a reporter in disturbing physical altercation

- Februari 22, 2018

“Doctor” Sebastian Gorka, the former racism advisor to President Trump and proud member of a notorious Nazi-linked Hungarian nationalist group, gave the nation a glimpse into how the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was going to go this year when he got right in the face of a reporter and nearly punched him.

Caleb Ecarma, a reporter for right-wing online blog Mediaite, asked Gorka a question and was very surprised by the furious reaction he received – a shoulder grab, a raised hand, and a “f*ck off.”

This is the third incidence of attempted violence against a reporter by those close to the Trump team. Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was forced to resign after roughly yanking Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields away from Trump during the 2016 election; later that year, Trump-endorsed GOP candidate Greg Giordano body-slammed a Guardian reporter for asking him questions he didn’t want to answer.

It’s an ominous beginning to an event that is certain to be a hotbed of extremist rhetoric and open hostility towards the media by a conservative body politic that’s been on the defensive for months as public anger at their complicity in undermining the Russia investigation, the refusal to discuss any sane solutions to the gun violence epidemic, and the devastating effects of the Republican tax bill that heaps hardship on the working families of America.

Since the right-wing defense de jour is to cry “fake news!” and then attack the media for properly depicting their actions and statements, we can expect that CPAC is going to feature a heavy anti-media message – and this despicable display makes it clear they aren’t messing around.

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