Trump was just caught on camera using a humiliating “cheat sheet” to talk to shooting victims

- Februari 21, 2018

Today, President Trump held a listening session with the survivors and families of victims of gun violence. The event was held at the White House, and those invited were asked to weigh in on the mass shooting epidemic and propose solutions. It was precipitated by the heartbreaking shooting last week at Stoneman Douglas High School.

During the proceedings, he brought up the absurd idea that that best way to prevent school shootings is to arm teachers. Republicans are willing to invent the most absurd “solutions” to this growing problem as long as it allows them to avoid talking about the real problem: guns.

David Mack of Buzzfeed shared a photograph of Trump from the event that shows him clutching a cheat sheet with things he should say to the attendees.  The list of responses includes such gems as:

“What would you most want me to know about your experience?”

“What can we do to make you feel safe?”

“I hear you,” reads the last sentence visible.

It’s absolutely stunning and yet paradoxically not surprising that our president needs a written guide on how to communicate and feign empathy with the victims of horrific tragedies.

So deep is his narcissism that he can’t relate to people on his own, and had to come overly prepared in order to do his best impression of a compassionate leader.

After the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida mass shooting last week during which seventeen people were killed and fifteen wounded when a young man entered the school and opened fire with an AR-15 style rifle, the surviving students are speaking out and advocating for gun reform.

They are planning a massive march on March 24 to demand gun control and challenge the NRA’s stranglehold on the Republican Party.

Massacres like this have become a fixture of American life, and it’s far past time Congress take action to prevent the murders of more children. That said, if our president isn’t even capable of talking to survivors without notes to walk him through the simplest interactions, it seems unlikely he will be able to solve such a prominent problem.

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