Trump just stuck his nose into the Super Bowl with an unprovoked attack

- Februari 04, 2018

In a statement to Americans on Super Bowl Sunday, Trump opted to exploit America’s favorite holiday with a misguided and politicized “presidential message.”

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

Trump joins Republicans who – right on cue – have renewed their disinformation campaign by claiming that those who kneel during NFL games are doing so against the flag.

Of course, it’s a clear fact that those who kneel are protesting against police brutality – not our flag, our soldiers, or any other convenient scapegoat – but that hasn’t stopped the GOP from spreading their misleading propaganda.

This is, of course, not Trump’s first attack on NFL players who are exercising their First Amendment right to protest. The President has drawn the ire of the entire professional sports world with his constant attacks on those who have been critical of his wholly unpopular agenda.

While Trump and his Republican cohorts will undoubtedly try to paint a picture of what a “patriot” looks like today, remember that there is nothing more American than protest,  standing up for what is right, and protecting the institutions that truly make this country great.

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