Trump just consulted sons Trump Jr. and Eric on gun reforms

- Februari 23, 2018

With a restless nation clamoring for commonsense gun reforms in the wake of the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Trump sought the advice of his two adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric, regarding how to proceed with the gun issue.

Per The Washington Post, Trump consulted with his two sons at Mar-a-Lago over Presidents’ Day weekend. Eric and Trump Jr. are both avid hunters, and photographs of them standing beside the animals they’ve killed have gone viral.

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If nothing else, Trump Jr.’s smug defense of his deplorable hobby is evidence enough that he is of no character to make decisions that will impact the safety of American children at the hands of such dangerous weapons.

The likelihood that Eric or Trump Jr. will concede any substantial reforms given their sordid history with guns is slim to none. Of course, with the President’s own proclivity to pander recklessly to the NRA, such changes were already improbable.

Instead, Trump follows the lead of other Republicans whose allegiance to the NRA – and their campaign donations – makes it very difficult for them to speak out in favor of any sensible action on gun reform. In the aftermath of the shooting, the NRA has already declared itself opposed to raising the minimum age to purchase an assault weapon. That did not stop the President from praising the organization.

“They’re very, very great people,” Trump said. “They love this country. They’re patriots. The NRA wants to do the right thing.”

Given the quality of people in charge, and their tendency to favor business interests over actual people, Americans need to show up at the polls if they want any real change to occur in Washington.

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