Ted Cruz just attacked Lisa Simpson at CPAC. The Simpsons’ response is gold

- Februari 22, 2018

Today marked the beginning of the Conservative Political Action Pac (CPAC), the annual convention where the very worst people in our nation congregated to hear far-right extremists mouth off about the dangers of communism, safe spaces, radical Islam, and every other boogeyman the Republican Party uses to rile up its base.

During his portion of the event, the universally despised and insufferably smug Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried once again to do one of his cringe-worthy appeals to popular culture, saying that the Democratic Party was the party of Lisa Simpson while the Republican Party was the party of the rest of the Simpson family, referencing America’s longest and  running most beloved animated sitcom the Simpsons.

The animators, writers, and producers of the Simpsons quickly took to social media to give Cruz’s ridiculous statement the debunking it deserves.

Producer Bill Oakley quickly tried to clear up the confusion surrounding the character’s political alignments.

While Simpsons producer Al Jean took a more dismissive approach to his response to the Texas Senators’ assertion that a cartoon baby would vote for him:

But it was animator Anna Maltese who gave the ultimate riposte to Cruz’s painful attempt at being “cool” with the pop culture references, hitting him right where it hurts the most.

Cruz famously attempted to audition to do a voice on the Simpsons and is supposedly a huge fan of the show – but as social media began to wonder, his statements today call into question whether or not he’s ever actually seen it.

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Infamous bigot and grandstanding racist Ted Cruz deserves every ounce of the public lashing he’s going to get for this one.

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