Missouri’s Republican governor was just arrested on felony charges related to sex scandal

- Februari 22, 2018

The Republican governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens has been indicted on charges of felony invasion of privacy and has been taken into custody for his role in sexually blackmailing his mistress in a reprehensible attempt to keep his affair under wraps.

Once rumors of the allegations surrounding the 2015 affair became public, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner immediately launched an investigation and found ample evidence of the governor’s misdeeds.

The alleged photograph was taken while the woman was blindfolded and tied up in his home, raising alarming questions about whether or not the photograph was taken with her consent – especially since he was running for governor at the same time as he was having the affair.

It comes as no surprise that the Governor campaign on a pro-life “family values” platform that railed against the attacks on their “religious liberties” – which is common right-wing code declaring an opposition to LGBT rights, same-sex marriage, and a woman’s right to choose.

Greitens will be the second prominent Republican governor done in by his sexual misconduct scandal, following in the shameful footsteps of Alabama governor Robert Bentley, who resigned last year in disgrace after facing impeachment for campaign finance violations and for abusing his power to hide his affair.

The fall of Greitens is just more proof that the Republican Party is founded on a bedrock of hypocrisy, their moral grandstanding nothing but a shield for their bigotry and a cover for their own misdeeds at every level, from the Governor’s office to the President of the United States.

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