A South Carolina man just pled guilty after being busted plotting to massacre “non-whites”

- Februari 26, 2018

The unchecked dangers that white supremacists pose to the American people was made terrifyingly clear on Monday morning when 30-year-old white man Benjamin Thomas McDowell pled guilty to illegally possessing a firearm which he intended to use to commit a terrorist attack in the “spirit of Dylan Roof.”

Inspired by the white supremacist Roof’s murderous rampage in the historically black Charleston Emmanuel AME church, in which nine innocent people were gunned down, McDowell illegally bought a gun from an FBI agent in order “to conduct an attack on non-whites.”

“The documents also say in December, McDowell wrote on Facebook that he would love to act — with a link to a conservative Jewish synagogue in Myrtle Beach,” adds South Carolina Public Radio’s Alexandra Olgin.

McDowell is facing “a maximum prison term of 10 years, $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release” according to WBTW News 13’s Jo Brown.

The man’s mother said that he had idolized Dylan Roof as a hero, saying that he was “brave” because he”stood up for the white people.” Coming just a few weeks after a suspected white supremacist murdered seventeen teenagers at a Parkland high school in Florida, it’s clear that the dangers posed to the American people by domestic terrorists with racial agendas are all too real – and a danger that isn’t being addressed.

From the beginning of the Trump administration, it was made clear that law enforcement was being directed to ignore the threat of white supremacist, white nationalist, and other far-right extremist groups in favor of focusing solely on fearmongering about the threat posed by Middle Eastern terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

That much is made clear by the stunning uptick in hate-crimes and terror attacks being committed and planned by white men against their fellow citizens. For the second year in a row, the FBI recorded significant increases in hate crimes, officially documenting 6,121 incidents that studies show may actually conceal 250,000 unreported attacks.

The fanning of ethnic and racial tensions in the United States by the President and his racist cronies coupled with recklessly lax firearm laws makes for a volatile combination with potentially horrifying consequences.

Watch a local news report on the plea here:

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